"I believe that the greatest prayer one can offer to God is to serve the poor. I believe it is the duty of every individual, after looking after his own security and that of his family, to look beyond and help those that have no security and no hope."

Mr Arjun Waney


The Savitri Waney Charitable Trust is a small and intimately run philanthropic organisation based in London, UK.

The Savitri Waney Charitable Trust supports a wide range of worthy causes that work with marginalised communities across the world. Our primary focus lies in India, where we direct our efforts to supporting and developing projects in curable blindness, palliative care and water resource management, with the core aim of alleviating poverty.

Projects are personally selected by the board of Trustees and closely monitored by our Project Team based in India to ensure strong relationships between the Trust and our partners. Since the Trust was founded in 2001 we have donated over £4 million to the charitable sector.

Watch our new film Restoring Sight!

Restoring Sight from Savitri Waney Charitable Trust on Vimeo.


Compassion and Commitment

The Savitri Trust operates under the banners of accountability, transparency and above all compassion for the poor. We seek out partners who share these ethics, ensuring that our donations are used to the maximum benefit of the poor.

We make a commitment to our supporters that 100% of all public donations are directed to our projects, with all overheads borne by the Trust corpus.